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CSVPA comprises over 100 voluntary members from over twenty four  countries. These are: conservation professionals, heritage practitioners, policy makers, academics, government representatives, community members, custodians, and representatives of religious organisations.

If you are interested you are encouraged to apply for membership, especially if you are willing to invest some time to further CSVPA’s activities.

Complete the application form on this page and send it to us. The steering committee will review your application with the view towards welcoming you as a general member several weeks after you send in the form.

There are some important points to keep in mind before submitting an application:

  1. CSVPA membership does not imply WCPA membership.
  2. In case you wish to become a WCPA member you will have to be recommended by others. Recommendations will be based on your qualifications and contributions made to CSVPA.
  3. In case CSVPA messages keep bouncing back to the list serve administrator you will be removed from the CSVPA list serve. You are welcome to contact us again to renew your membership.
  4. CSVPA’s purpose is to advise the WCPA on cultural and spiritual values in Protected Areas.
  5. CSVPA is a Specialist Group that consists of (budding) experts, (researcher, scientists and practitioners) working in the field of cultural and spiritual values in conservation.

General Membership is made up of those who are willing to commit time and energy to furthering the activities of Specialist Group. This includes receiving and sending information through the list serve.

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CSVPA is a specialist group under the World Commission of Protected Areas (WCPA). WCPA has an expectation they CSVPA members will therefore be WCPA members. If you are not yet a WCPA member, please consider applying for WCPA membership.




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