Work Plan

Sacred Natural Sites

Advance the Delos Initiative and the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative (SNSI) with as key tasks the translation, implementation and expansion of the Sacred Natural Sites, Guidelines for Protected Area Managers as well as building up field programmes and promoting sacred natural sites in international and national policy venues.

World Heritage

Develop collaborations with the IUCN World Heritage Programme and ICIMOS to make use of the special skills and expertise of CSVPA membership in evaluating and reviewing cultural and spiritual aspects of natural World Heritage nominations. Most properties nominated as purely natural sites include particular features – such as mountains, springs, and trees – that have cultural and spiritual significance.

Guidelines & Best Practices

Initiate work on developing guidelines on the cultural and spiritual significance of protected areas. Expand sacred natural sites guidelines to include to mainstream faiths. Investigate and advice on the various concepts of nature. Develop chapters and modules on taking cultural and spiritual perspectives into account for the Protected Area Management e-handbook

Capacity Building & Social Safeguards

Undertake concrete activities to develop the capacities of individuals, organisations and communities that seek to engage the potential of cultural and spiritual significance of nature in protected area management and governance through developing best practice guidelines and training modules.

IUCN World Parks Congress

Develop sessions on the cultural and spiritual significance of protected areas and sacred natural sites for the World Parks Congress being hosted by Australia in 2014. Collaborate on developing a concept for mountain paths and pilgrimage routes as well as making indigenous peoples a significant part of the World Parks Congress.

National Parks & Protected Areas

Work with protected areas and Parks on interpretation, protected area management, conservation measures, best practices, and implementation of guidelines in order to help protected areas incorporate cultural and spiritual perspectives, improve their relationships with indigenous peoples and local communities, and garner additional, more sustainable support from the general public.

Cultural Rights & Indigenous Peoples

Continue work it has been doing promoting FPIC and the development of social safeguards in protected areas. Continue to make appeals to the UN Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights and to bring matters of insufficient recognition of cultural and spiritual values to the attention of the special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples.

Workshops & Modules

Develop and deliver workshops and modules on implementing the guidelines that CSVPA, the Sacred Natural Sites Initiative, and the Delos Initiative have developed on sacred natural sites, cultural and spiritual values of protected areas, and intangible heritage.